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Dive Into the New Age of Secure and Usable Technologies

Safe, Secure & Compliant Solutions

Asylum Technologies is dedicated to helping organizations like yours enhance their safety, security, and compliance through the use of existing and cloud technologies. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in leveraging these technologies to provide customized solutions that meet your unique needs. Let us help you take your organization to the next level of safety and security.

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Zero Trust Methodologies

Zero trust methodology is a security model that assumes that all users, devices, and applications are untrusted and must be verified before granting access to resources. By implementing zero trust, organizations can significantly reduce the risk of data breaches and cyber attacks. This involves continuous monitoring, strict access controls, and multi-factor authentication, which can help prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. By zero trust methodologies, organizations can enhance their posture and protect their critical assets from potential threats.

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Compliance Standards and Frameworks

By adhering to industry and government standards such as NIST ISO, and GDPR, Asylum Technologies can ensure that our environment is secure, threats are responded to effectively, and we remain compliant with regulations. These standards provide a framework for best practices in security and data protection, and help us to identify and mitigate potential risks. At Asylum, we stay on top of these standards by regularly reviewing and updating our policies and procedures, and by investing in ongoing training and education for our team members.

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Identity and Access Management

Identity is a crucial security control plane that serves as the foundation for how users operate and interact with everything in their organization and personal lives. Asylum Technologies recognizes the significance of identity in ensuring a secure environment and strives to simplify the user experience while enhancing organizational security. Our solutions are designed to provide a seamless and secure experience for users, enabling them to focus on their core tasks without worrying about security threats.

Cloud Adoption Acceleration

Cloud adoption is a complex process that goes beyond just migration. A solid cloud adoption framework requires continuous work in a constantly changing environment. It involves assessing the organization's needs, selecting the right cloud solutions, and implementing them effectively. It also ongoing monitoring and optimization to ensure that the cloud environment is secure, efficient, and cost-effective. With the right approach, cloud adoption can bring significant benefits to organizations, including increased agility, scalability, and innovation.

Accelerate AI Adoption

The emergence of AI is revolutionizing the way we work and approach data. With automation becoming a necessity, businesses are now able to scale their operations and increase efficiency like never before. AI is enabling us to analyze vast amounts of data in real-time, providing insights that were previously impossible to obtain. As we continue to embrace this technology, we can expect to see even more transformative changes in the way we work and do business.

Versatility in Application

Leveraging and linking microservices in a secure manner can significantly enhance an organization's operational efficiency. By implementing small iterative changes, organizations can create a more secure and modern environment. This approach allows for greater flexibility and scalability enabling businesses to adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs. By prioritizing security and adopting a microservices architecture, organizations can achieve a more streamlined and efficient workflow, ultimately leading to increased productivity and profitability.

SOC and Security Monitoring

In today's modern age, security is a constant concern. Threats are always present, and are always watching. However, having an organization that monitors, maintains, and protects your organization can help mitigate these challenges. With our expertise and resources, we can help keep your business safe from both current and future threats. Trusting in your service providers can provide peace of mind and allow you to focus on what matters most - growing your business.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

In the ever-evolving world of technology and security, it is crucial to have adaptable and understandable technology that meets the organization's current needs while also providing the flexibility to scale and adapt to future challenges. This approach ensures that the organization can stay ahead of the curve and maintain competitive edge in the market. By embracing adaptable and understandable technology, organizations can streamline their operations, enhance their security posture, and achieve their business objectives with greater and effectiveness.

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